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Our Portfolio - Amvigo Elite

Amvigo Elite

Amvigo Elite is an application for the ones who love travelling – generally speaking it’s a travel portal with calendar and map systems.

Users are invited to join Amvigo either by accepting an invitation from an existing member or by Amvigo Elite management directly.
Amvigo has two types of membership – Elite and Secure. Membership to either level provides access to Elite Concierge, members only events, exclusive access, exclusive offers, networking and the application. Secure membership provides extra events, extra policy and extra security.

What we have done

Based on cities input to your Amvigo Elite calendar, other members’ who will be in the same city at the same time, will be highlighted to you. You will also appear in their calendar.
Here is how Amvigo Map looks like.
Users can add any info in their profile, upload pictures (profile and cover photos).
Announce trip tool can be used if you are looking for other members to join a future trip/ event you are planning: whether for business or leisure.
This is QR code, which generates information about user and membership number and validation.