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Our Portfolio - Custom QR Generator

Custom QR Generator

We developed custom QR Generator with the ability to choose

- Template for code style
- Corner style
- Colors for code and corner
- Logo image
- Special effects

This project is based on our own fully OO MVC framework called Slash, MySQL and Imagick.

The design of the application is simple which will help users to create custom QR code just in few steps.

We developed automated custom generator which has big advantage over the other systems. Our competitors  have long processing time due to manual approach. Our system makes generate custom QR codes in less than 10 seconds.

What we have done

We developed four different template to choose from. The templates differ by corner and changeable amount of colors.
The QR generator allows to choose styles of corners with changeable and non changeable color options.
In Color Selection form we made a color wheel to choose color for code and corner. For multicolor template we will have seven options for choosing code color.
Simple logo upload format has input form for browsing an image file. Users has option to choose the direction of logo on QR code.
With the special effects function users can give effect to code by using one of the four radio buttons.