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Our Portfolio - Sales Linked

Sales Linked

Sales-Linked is a lead retrieval and business networking tool easily enabling users to trade business contact information face to face and export this data to their designated CRM software. This saves hundreds of dollars in renting lead retrieval machines at trade shows and the hassle of manually inputting business cards from new contacts into CRM systems by hand. Sales-Linked uses LinkedIn profile data to populate the contact information for all new users, making the transaction seamless.

Our team has handed this project, when many features have already been developed. We mostly worked on bar/GR code readers and emailing system development.


What we have done

Sales Linked has an option to scan the bar code, which includes the whole info of a user.
This is how the scanned profile looks like with the info inside.
You have an option to invite people. They receive email and confirm your invitation. This feature is paid. PayPal is used here.