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Our Portfolio - FinalEarth


Final Earth is a battle game. This is one of our projects, which also has a mobile app.

The main objective as the Allies or Axis is to defeat the opposing team by taking over or destroying all enemy critical countries. You will be assisted by many other large forces on your team aiding you in battle.The main part of the game is attacking the opposing teams forces in order to help your team win.  You as a soldier are given the freedom to create whatever force you wish with the units available to you. As you rank up you will be able to use vehicles, aircraft and even naval units. You can launch an attack against an enemies force in your country from the command page. From there you are given the ability to select what kind of attack you wish to launch. Normal attacks are just straight forward orders given to your team to attack whatever the enemy has. Swift attacks are quick strike attacks where your force moves in and engages the enemy as quickly as possible. As a result, you will do less damage, take greater losses but be able to launch another attack quickly. Measured attacks are carefully planned assaults on the enemy. Your units will move in carefully, attack enemy forces with precision and move out. These attacks will do greater damage, suffer less losses but take a greater amount of time before you can launch another attack.

What we have done

The world page shows all of the countries and who they are controlled by and whether it is currently a warzone. The countries will either be controlled by Allies, Axis, neutral or destroyed. Neutral means the country is not yet controlled by anyone. Destroyed means the country has become uninhabitable after nuclear warfare.
Here we have a RECAPTCHA system integrated.
Final earth has an internal chat for team players for having quick discussions. Here we also have a separate messaging system.
We have a highly developed forum system in FinalEarth. You can see how it looks like.
We have also integrated a payment system here - PayPal.