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Our Portfolio - HongBao


HongBao is a free mobile application that started as a solution for shoppers to find DEALS AND PROMOTIONS.

Here are 2 types of payment systems – PayPal- Braintree and Credit Card.

What we have done

Here you can find two types of users – General users (free) and HB Business executives (paid). HB business users have many advantages, e.g. they become sponsors of other users (unlimited) and get percentages from their deals. Business users also have 4 types of levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The Level depends on the purchase they have done. As you see this is a profile of Diamond level user.
Users have Purchase history, where they see Purchased, Used and Expired items.
Here also you can find a review system for particular items.
HongBao has two types of notifications – by email and by push notification.