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Our Portfolio - Knowly


Knowly is an easy to use educational tool that lets you create, share and track online training. No need for an impossible-to-understand and clunky system. There are two types of users – students and tutors here. Students search and find tutors according to the subject they want to learn and pay online for the session. All communication between students and teachers, reviews, messaging, discussions, lectures and sharing of materials will take place online through the site and the application integrated videoconferencing.
Knowly has a highly developed booking system: once booking a lesson published on the website and being accepted by the tutor, Knowly arranges to send email or a text message to both the student that the teacher to confirm the booking.

What we have done

Knowly has a flexible system of easy booking. You can choose the subject you want to take lesson, as well as choose the grade you are in for getting proper tutor.
Knowly has a calendar of available days and hours of studies as well as an option of scheduling a new one.
You can see available hours of tutor for matching your schedule.
Students can easily contact with tutor, as well as attach different files – pictures, voice recording, etc. up to 10 files at once.