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Our Portfolio - LawBite


LawBite is a uniquely user friendly service which enables you to draft, share and get legal advice on legal documents or simply get answers and advice on legal problems.
Here are the main features and peculiarities of product:
1. Messaging system
2. Internal chat
3. Editing document functionality
4. E-mail notification strong system
5. Payment system (stripe)
6. Document signing functionality (Echosign)
7. Passing rights for editing

What we have done

There are two different edit modes for all LawBite contracts. The first is 'Simple Edit' where only certain key fields in the contract text and schedule can be edited (this is the default mode) and the second is 'Full Edit' mode, where you are free to change as much of the text as you want.
You can pass rights to other user to edit your document.
We have integrated the leading Adobe Ecosign e-signing system into LawBite so you can either e-sign your completed LawBite document or upload your own document for e-signature. The e-signature feature is free to LawBite members.
We also have a highly developed file upload system with multiple options.
Here we have a payment system for purchasing documents. Stripe is used here.