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Our Portfolio - WoodeKees


Woodekeed is an online marketing platform. Users add their company or store, tell about themselves, show who they are and what they've got!
This platform gives opportunity to communicate with people from neighborhood and sell products and services online.
As being a marketing platform, it gives opportunities to users to place ads of services and products they offer. If users have a lot of ads, they can add categories for a better overview.
Woodekees has two subscription types: Free and with monthly payment. The second gives more range of options than free version.
Another important option for Woodekees is that users receive notifications of received messages and reviews.

What we have done

Advanced profile with whole company data. User can add background image, provide preferred color of profile. Profile also has a slide show function up to 5 background images. There is also 5 star review system and option of adding news about company, activity, etc.
Company is shown at the neighborhood and city page, it creates awareness in company's area.
Here we have several options for payment.
As well as there is a follow option for guests and users to follow user's business activity.