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UI Design

User interface design (UID) or user interface engineering is the design of websites, computers, appliances,Electronics & Electrical machines, mobile communication devices, and Electronics devices like Dipaly Devices, CRO, Multimeter, Voltmeter or any of the device used for the measurement Purpose and software applications with the focus on the user's experience and interaction. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals—what is often called user-centered design.

Good user interface design facilitates finishing the task at hand without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. Graphic design and typography are utilized to support its usability, influencing how the user performs certain interactions and improving the aesthetic appeal of the design; design aesthetics may enhance or detract from the ability of users to use the functions of the interface. The design process must balance technical functionality and visual elements (e.g., mental model) to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.

Interface design is involved in a wide range of projects from computer systems, to cars, to commercial planes; all of these projects involve much of the same basic human interactions yet also require some unique skills and knowledge. As a result, designers tend to specialize in certain types of projects and have skills centered on their expertise, whether that be software design, user research, web design, or industrial design.


Items tagged UI Design


PetHub is a community portal where dog owners and sitters can connect, find and get dog sitters services in San Paulo.

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Jigsaw Learning

Jigsaw learning is a school managing website which is developed to create and manage school accounts.

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iStatPro Hoops

Web App Communicating with iPhone and iPad devices and collecting team information from coaches on the fly

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Urban Beauty Network is a website project where clients can search, find and book beauty related services online.

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Excel Processor

Excel processing and custom manipulating web application.

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Collaboratous is the place where tasks get done. Easy to use project management tool without unneeded functionality

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Guiacat is a restaurant guiding website which allows customers to find restaurants in Catalonia by cuisines, locations, foods and other tags.

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