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Ruby on Rails has proven its worth as a robust programming framework and companies like Airbnb, Shopify, Groupon, and Hulu have put their faith in the framework by building their applications on Ruby on Rails.

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At STDev we have been providing top of the line IT solutions to our clients since 2009. Although we are an industry veteran, it still feels that we have just begun. Apart from providing quality Ruby on Rails web development services we at STDev, we also provide various other services like Product definition and planning, UI/UX designing, System architecture and database designing, QA testing, launch and support services.

When ‘petplan’ wanted to create North America’s largest pet insurance company, they came to us. The challenge was to develop a multidimensional platform where pet lovers could come and insure their loved ones. 

We took the webpage and gave it a thorough shake up. The static web pages were redesigned, functionalities were added and the present CMS was migrated to Salesforce. We ensured bug-free deployment of the website and provided full QA and maintenance support to the client. We have built our portfolio with such interesting stories on our work to give our potential clients a clear insight into our capability and professionalism.

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